5 methods to purchase discounted reward playing cards so it can save you some huge cash on Black Friday

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The concept of buying discounted gift cards is simple enough. You "stack" your savings by combining Black Friday sales with discounted gift cards as a payment.

And most retailers let you use their cards in the store or online.

Here are five ways you can buy gift cards for less than face value.

1. Online gift card provider

Sellers who specialize in gift cards usually sell these at face value, but they do Have sales.

As a rule, the quantities are limited and the offers sell out quickly. Therefore, check it frequently. You can login Doctor of credit to receive phone alerts about this type of deal.

2. Discounted Gift Card Sites

Many websites help you with this buy discounted gift cards with unused credits. The discounts vary according to demand and from location to location.

Gift card Grandma Currently, a gift from Cold Stone Creamery is available at 14% and a gift card from 1800Flowers at 8%.

3. Local sales promotion

I once bought gift cards for several retailers at Dollar General for 15% off.

To find these deals, check the weekly online ads for various stores in your area, Gift card promotions usually take place on or near the last page.

Gift Cards at Sam's Club (Online and in the store) you often sell at a discount, but the choice is limited and the best deals are usually for restaurants. You can currently get two $ 25 tickets for Olive Garden, Subway or Starbucks – a total value of $ 50 – for $ 39.98 online.

4. Use a 5% cash back category reward

If you have a credit card that pays 5% cashback for certain categories, you can use it to get gift cards for retailers outside the 5% cashback category.

For example, Discover the 5% categories Currently includes Amazon.com, Walmart.com and Target.

Discover that your cashback doubles after the first year and you get back 10% if you are a new cardholder.

Chase Freedom is another card with changing 5% cashback categories (new every three months). Keep in mind that Chase and Discover require you to activate your 5% bonus online at the beginning of each quarter.

5. Use Amex offers

If you have an American Express card, take advantage of it Amex offers to get discounted gift cards. Just look for offers in places that sell gift cards.

For example, my bids (each account theoretically receives others) once contained a $ 10 credit for spending $ 50 on JCPenney. I can go to JCPenney, find her gift card shelf, buy a $ 50 card for another store, and get $ 10 back.

American Express indicates that your account will be credited within 90 days. However, it never took more than two weeks for my credit to be displayed.

You may even get free gift cards. I have used an offer of $ 10 for every purchase Newegg Buy three times a $ 10 Home Depot Gift Card. Since no shipping costs were incurred, I received free Home Depot cards worth $ 30.

Get ready for Black Friday

To prepare for Black Friday, you may need to guess where to spend the most money and how much to buy the right gift cards in advance.

If you're not sure, just buy tickets for places you normally go shopping. That way you can easily "liquidate" them after Black Friday if you have not used them all.

If you wait until the last moment (or read this) on Black Friday), you can purchase digital gift cards as needed and print them out at home. Most vendors say it takes up to a day to e-mail you the link to print your "card," but I always received it within two hours.

If you are a scientific buyer, make a list of bouncers and other items you want to buy, and where. Then you will find the required gift cards for the best available discounts. You will also use ….

Advanced strategies for gift cards

Paying for Black Friday purchases with discounted gift cards is an easy way to "stack" your savings.

However, you can save even more by adding additional savings tactics, such as using the right reward credit card. Here are some examples of how you can really stack these savings.

example 1

For example, Gap and Old Navy gift cards are currently offered at Staples at a 20% discount. Buy a $ 50 card with one Chase Ink or American Express Simply Cash Business Card (I have both) to get $ 2 cashback for the purchase of $ 40 (5% for all office supplies stores).

Spend $ 50 on half-price gifts on Black Friday and pay with the gift card for a total cost of $ 38 for things that would normally cost $ 100.

In this way, you stack three savings tactics: a sale, credit card cashback and a discounted gift card.

Example # 2

They plan to spend $ 140 on gifts for Michaels. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to Cashback Monitor and enter Raise to see which Cashback portal is the best place to shop at this card provider. Currently the best rate is 5% by Mr. Rebates.

Go to Mr. Rebates and set up an account, as this offers 5% cashback when you shop via Raise's link.

Use the Mr. Rebates portal link to get to Raise.

Search the many Michael gift cards. As I write this, a card with a balance of $ 202.25 is listed for $ 174.95, which represents a 13.5% discount.

Buy the Gift Card with a credit card that will allow you to get your money back, such as Citi Double Cash (2%) or Barclaycard CashForward World MasterCard (1.5%).

Buy at Michaels for at least 50% off on Black Friday.

Below is a breakdown of first-time savings of $ 140 if you buy only Black Friday deals that are 50% off:

Savings at half price: 140.00 USD
Gift Card Discount: $ 27.91
Portal cashback: 3.36 USD
Credit Card Cash Back: $ 2.24

If you combine four savings tactics, you save $ 173.51 and pay only $ 106.49 for gifts that would have cost $ 280 at the regular price.

Example # 3

Add a coupon to the last example to use Five savings tactics for a purchase, I recently got a five-level stack (not for Black Friday).

I received Portal Cashback (1) when I bought a discounted Gift Card (2) with a Cashback Credit Card (3). Then I used the gift card and a coupon (4) to buy already sold items (5)) – all in order to get cheap cat food at Petco, but the strategy can also be found in all your favorite Black Friday stores function.

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