6 simple methods to trick veranda pirates and defend your trip packages

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The veranda pirates have given me a good holiday season.

After a long day at work, I arrived home and found two empty parcels on my front steps. The thermal sweatshirt that was meant to be a Christmas present for my dad? Path. The expensive face cream I bought? Path. And the townhouse where I lived, on a residential street, had no security cameras.

There were many places where the packages could be taken out of sight, but the deliverer was either too busy or had done so to be thwarted later by the thieves.

That was years ago. Now I can Install a Smart Lock at my front door and let Amazon or Walmart deliver items directly to my living room. Thieves can not steal your parcels if there is nothing on your doormat.

But what if you're trying to get parcels and deliveries without allowing our big e-commerce brothers to get involved on a regular basis?

6 ways to stop veranda pirates once and for all

In a 2017 report, insuranceQuotes estimated this 25.9 million Americans This year, a vacation package was stolen from the front porch or the front door. And in the United States, 36% of consumers reported that a parcel was stolen at least once, at an average cost of $ 109.

Do not you want to be part of this very sad group of people? Try one or more of these methods to keep parcel thieves shopping online.

1. Make delivery requests

For some online ordering systems, you can make delivery requests, such as: For example, keep the package in a safe place. When you make a request, you can not guarantee that it will be fulfilled. However, you will be surprised how attentive the delivery staff are when they deliver your goods. "Stand on basement stairs" or "Sign up neighbor" are simple instructions that will help you to make sure your package arrives.

If you happen to encounter a regular USPS, UPS or FedEx carrier on site, you may be able to make personal inquiries. Keep in mind, though, that your neighborhood deliveryman may have the best information about which shrubs are ideal for sealing packages.

2. Work with a neighbor

If you know your neighbors – come meet your neighbors – you can work together to prevent theft of packages. If you have alternating or overlapping schedules, you can make sure that a package after dinner or whenever it comes home – for the good and not the bad.

3. Have packages delivered to your workplace

Not every employer welcomes your holiday deliveries with open arms. Therefore, ask your office manager if he has any objection to signing packages that you do not want to risk being shipped home.

The Nachhaus dragging objects can be awkward later. However, if you want to keep an eye on a package as soon as possible, your workplace may be your best bet.

4. Pay for a package receiving service

This is not the cheapest, but possibly the safest option. Some companies offer packages for customers for a small fee.

I once lived around the corner from a cleaning that always had a line at the counter. Why so popular? Not only did it offer a quick cleaning service, but you could also pick up your dry cleaning and your packages on the same trip – and the hours were also cheap.

5. Get your stuff delivered to an Amazon Locker

This is not quite as convenient as the delivery home or the store on the corner. However, if you'd prefer to ship your Amazon package to a safe location, add one Amazon Locker Place in your account.

Amazon delivers the package to the locker. When it's ready to pick you up, you'll receive an email with a six-digit code that will allow you to pick up the package at the self-service kiosk.

Lockers are located in stores, residential buildings and shopping centers in the US. So you can easily pick up packages in the evening or at the weekend.

And if you are a prime member, you can use the lockers for free.

6. Watch your tracking information like a hawk

Ah, the beauty of technology. I can just see the moment my parcel has moved from a storage plane to another warehouse and to a truck. And I can see the moment when it finally lands at my house. Tracking services may not prevent you from losing packets due to theft. However, with the tools available, you can keep the path and your expected arrival up-to-date so you can plan accordingly.

Often, you can sign up for SMS or email updates on the journey of your package. If you miss a shipment that you need to sign up for, you can sometimes have the shipment redirected to a shipping service center, such as the UPS Store, so you do not have to spend three days knocking on your door.

Professional tip

If you have the doorbell camera, log into the Neighbor app for reports where you can exchange information about parcel thieves if they are near you.

The post office even offers Informed deliverywho sends you pictures of small mail pieces that are on their way to your mailbox that day.

If you're ready to make big investments, you can use security systems like the ring to monitor your front door – and the police can use the footage to track down the veranda pirates.

When the worst happens, detailed tracking information and videos can help create a case for your credit card company can refund you for lost or stolen packages, or it could help you get a replacement item from the retailer.

Lisa Rowan is a former senior author and producer with The Penny Hoarder.

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