These 7 Christmas jobs and vacation web page appearances to place a bell in your pocket

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Are you a Christmas super fan who can not get enough of Santa Claus, snowmen, Christmas music and even Christmas Muzak?

Or are you staring at your gift list, the synthesizer version of "Sleigh Bells Ring" that plays in the background, and you feel broken?

A seasonal side event can be just the thing for you if you have your mind and finances under control. Here are seven Christmas jobs and gigs related to holidays that will allow you to put a bit more jingle in your pocket.

1. Sell baked goods

If you like to bake, this season is your time to shine. Most people like to be pampered with extra delicacies at Christmas (calories, who counts?). But let's be honest: baking is time consuming, it is hard work and it is easy to make mistakes.

You can save your neighbors, your employees and your farmers' market buyers with ready-made treats. Read This is how you make money selling your baked goods,

2. Deck someone else's halls

Decorating is a bit like baking, which is fun, but also a chore. (Yes, we said it.)

Climb a ladder to hang lights, untangle the lights and pull them over the eaves, only to realize you're running out of twine – it's a fun, good time to actually do it.

Here comes the savvy season-side hustler into the game. Market yourself Christmas Decorator Jobs In your neighborhood or on a platform like Task Rabbit or Craigslist you can hang Christmas lights, cut trees and even wrap gifts. You could also find an appearance at a professional decorating company.

3. Get a retail job

Large retailers hire thousands of seasonal workers. And thanks to the low unemployment rate, they have to compete with each other in order to attract the workers to fill the gigs. That means better pay and better services.

The Penny Hoarder has counted a few 400,000 jobs for Christmas with big employers across the country. For many jobs registers are rung and packets are delivered.

If you want a side event that could last into the New Year, then you're in the right place with Tax Prep specialists Jackson Hewitt occupies staff for the tax season 2020.

4. Work as Santa Claus

If you can take off a red suit and a big white beard, and skilfully deal with questions of how a grown man can fit down a chimney, this appearance practically begs you.

Santa's helpers are in high demand at shopping malls, parties and community parties. And these Christmas jobs are paying off.

But first, look at ours Ultimate guide to working as a professional Santa Claus,

5. Sell your homemade holiday craft

You can warm yourself in the holiday mood, exercise your artistic side while earning a little money by making and selling Christmas crafts. Pinterest is full of ideas.

Here are Some of our favorites,

6. Shovel snow

Think of this as your vacation source and Your winter training plan to keep your weight gain at bay in December. Win win!

Shovler is an app similar to Uber joins willing shovels with buried driveways, (Actually the owners of the named driveways.) They shovel, they pay.

7. Take family portraits

If you have a good eye and an above-average camera, you can offer your services to take all these ubiquitous family photos of vacationers in matching plaid pajamas.

So much the better if you can imagine an original. And if you can make all children smile, let us know your secret fairy dust, because we literally never did it.

Here is what you need Make money with family photos,

Molly Moorhead is the editor-in-chief of The Penny Hoarder and the mother of two little boys who squirm at photo sessions and make faces.

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