7 On a regular basis gadgets you could pay for recycling

Why throw things in the bin if you can reuse or recycle them?

In addition to diverting items from the waste stream and avoiding landfills, you can also earn extra money or work for charity. From scrap metal to ink cartridges, bullets, to building materials, you can recycle a variety of items for cash or goodwill.

Are you ready to see all the different things that you can recycle for money?

Find a collection point

If you are looking for a recycling center near you, please contact Earth911.com and connect the object that you want to recycle with your location. The site lists collection points for everything from antifreeze to ammunition. Of course, not everything pays off, but it is important to properly dispose of potentially dangerous items.

Prepare the items for recycling

Check with your local collection point for the specific rules for the preparation of your recyclables for the collection point. In some centers, you need to remove the bottle caps, rinse and pack the bottles in certain steps, or sort and bind the box together. If you check the rules before you leave, you'll save time later.

Make sure you pack items properly that may get a bit messy. Even if you rinse all bottles and cans thoroughly, water and other debris can be on it. Therefore, carry them in containers or bags to protect the interior of your car.

If you donate a mobile phone or other electronic object, be sure to erase your personal information, including contact lists, voicemails, text messages, photos, passwords, downloads, and anything else you do not want random strangers to do. Back up your information on your new phone, computer, or cloud-based service, and then reset your phone to factory settings before recycling it.

7 articles that you can recycle for money

Depending on where you live, you can be paid to recycle certain items. Here are some common recyclables and their recycling.

1st scrap

Scrap is one of the to recycle more profitable materials, For this reason, the theft of scrap metal is not uncommon. Many local recycling programs finance their programs through scrap metal collection. Be sure to check local regulations or collection laws.

Copper, steel and aluminum are just some of the possible scrap metals recycle for money, Search your region and "junkyard" with Google to find a facility that will pick up all the metals you have and learn how to return them.

Once you've rounded up your metal, you can find out if it's iron or non-ferrous by checking if a magnet sticks to it. In this case, the metal is iron and probably a base metal like steel or iron. These items are usually not worth much, but it's still worth recycling. If the magnet does not stick, you probably have copper, aluminum, brass, bronze or stainless steel on your hands. These metals are more valuable.

You can make money by recycling a variety of these metals. Copper is one of the more viable metals: some junkyards offer more than $ 2 a pound. Aluminum usually earns between 40 and 70 cents per pound, brass can bring $ 1.40 per pound, and metal die casting is in the range of 30 cents per pound, although local prices vary.

2. Bottles and cans

A Penny Hoarder writer made Redeem 1,500 US dollars in beverage cans he collected at work. You can also make money by rounding up bottles and cans, be it at work, with friends and family, at events, or just with valuables that you use at home.

California offers 5 cents for most plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans smaller than 24 ounces, and 10 cents for containers of 24 ounces or more. Technically, this is a bottle deposit, but many people do not bother to collect their refunds. So it's a breeze for bottle and can collectors.

Michigan has a recycling rate of 10 cents a bottle, which has prompted people to do so smuggling into empty bottles illegally bought outside the state (This was even the plot of a Seinfeld episode!) Many states have similar deposit plans. So check what's available.

3. Car batteries

Advance Auto Parts offers on Gift card worth 10 USD to customers who bring their used car batteries (light truck batteries are also accepted). If the company does not have a branch office near you, contact your local car parts dealer to find out if similar offers are available.

4. Ink cartridges

A number of office supplies stores, including Staples and Office Depot Accept used ink cartridges for recycling. Staples offers $ 2 back per cartridgeFor a maximum of 10 returns per month, you must spend at least $ 30 on ink or toner within 180 days of recycling.

Office Depot also offers you $ 2 back in program rewards for every recycled ink or toner cartridge up to 10 cartridges per month. BHowever, you must also buy ink from them in the same month. The number of cartridges you recycle is unlimited. However, you only get points for the first 10 cartridges per month. You can use your points for different perks and discounts.

5. Electronics

Eco-Cell is one of many companies that offers cash for old cell phones and other electronic devices. The company accepts working or broken phones, tablets, rechargeable batteries, printed circuit boards and a variety of other electronic devices. Even if an item is broken or submerged in water and unusable, Eco-Cell accepts it to drain electronics from landfills and properly dispose of their toxic components and metals.

Many mobile service providers, including Verizon and AT & T. Trade-in schemes where you can receive a coupon, gift card, or other reward for your old phone. Amazon Trade-In is another way to earn gift cards.

A number of charities also accept mobile phones to use or sell the funds for charity. Mobile phones for soldiers Overhaul and sell your old phone to active military personnel and veterans. If a phone is too old or broken, Cell Phones for Soldiers sells it to recycling companies who strip it and dispose of its metals responsibly. Proceeds from the sale go to buying international calling cards for troops and providing veterans immediate financial aid.

And of course you always can Sell ​​your old phone yourself.

6. Junk Cars

Your rusted old Jalopy? You can recycle it for money. There are companies that pay for broken cars in cash.

Junk Car Medic is one, and you can sell your car online or by phone. You enter details about your vehicle, such as: B. State and mileage, and get an offer quickly. If you agree, you will need to provide a proof of ownership and some other details before being paid. The company states that most transactions are executed on the same day and the car is taken away for you.

7. The rest of your unwanted stuff

You can "recycle" unneeded items on a variety of apps and platforms and get something back for them. ThredUp and Poshmark are popular used clothing apps where you can sell your goods.

ThredUp will send you a free shipping label and credit credits for all items sold to your own account. Often this is not much money. Poshmark offers greater potential payouts, but you need to invest more effort to get your items moving.

Let go is a used website where you can buy or sell almost everything you no longer use.

Kristen Pope is a freelance writer and editor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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