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Do you remember the sixth portion of stuffing that you devoured? Oh, and countless piles of Granny's beloved Mac and cheese? Do not regret having eaten them. (We do not do it.) Instead, imagine those pounds as preparation for the greatest side concert.

Every year, thousands of shopping malls, department stores and companies host Christmas events and parties that appear on guest appearances at Ol & # 39; St. Nick himself based.

(Spoiler alert: not the real one.) He's too busy, it's actually a complex network of Santa Claus impersonators.)

If you have the stuff, z. A burly giggle, a mean beard, a background check and a liability insurance – this season you'll find a variety of Santa Claus jobs.

How to find Santa Claus Jobs (also Mrs. Claus!)

To become Santa Claus is a bit more complicated than having to go to your local mall with an application in hand. Many malls and department stores rely on event companies, talent agencies and freelancers to meet their needs for Kris Kringle. Here's how to join these ranks.

Work at an event or photography firm

When you think of Santa Claus jobs, do you think of a curvy single-file through the atrium of a mall, all waiting for a photo with the big man? This type of event is often coordinated by events and photo companies.

Some companies have signed deals with shopping malls or department stores as full-service providers that take care of all staff, decorations and photos. Others like just Provision of photo services or Santa personnel services.

Cherry Hill programs and Instant Photo Corporation of America (IPCA) are two national companies working with regional shopping malls across the country to engage Santa Clauses, Mrs. Clauses, and other festive characters (and some photographers).

Professional tip

Are you out of luck with national Christmas companies? Limit your job search to local events and photo companies. If all else fails, call your local mall to find out how to hire Santa Claus.

Use a talent or PR agency

Maybe you have experience as Santa under your worn leather belt. In addition to viewing the role, sing or trade to animate your identity. Put simply, you have to do more than sit down on a red velvet throne for a few pictures.

A talent agency is exactly what you need. Such agencies find the Santa Claus jobs – the corporate events, the media appearances, the charities – and turn to you if you are part of their network and meet certain criteria.

Professional tip

Real bearded Santa Claus are usually in demand and can demand better hourly rates. Some agencies may even require that the applicant has a real beard.

Three free nationwide Santa networks, Rent Santa Claus. Real Santa Claus and Santa Claus for rent, talented actors are looking to play the role. Applications are also possible for Mrs. Claus.

Freelance as Santa Claus

Whether you're looking for an event company or a talent agency, you can always improve your Santa's profile by finding customers yourself. This requires a bit more footwork on your part, but the reward may be worth it. Some Santas we've talked to earn up to $ 7,000 a season when they have their own show.

In our ultimate guide to becoming a professional Santa Claus, The Penny Hoarder talked to several professionals who built their own websites or listings on non-talented websites, such as: Gig Salad, They gave insider tips on how to find the best clothes, enroll in Santa's school (it's one thing – we've checked) and put yourself in the character, even if you're not in front of the clock.

"Before you become a Santa, you really need to understand what your life is all about," said Santa Tim, a retired professional Santa Claus from Kansas. "You will have to His Santa Claus."

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