Surveytime Assessment: Get prompt rewards for on-line surveys

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Survey time ratings

Are you looking for ways to easily earn extra money?

You want a way that is flexible, convenient and always available so you can work and be rewarded quickly when needed.

All this and more can be achieved with surveys. Surveytime is the solution that allows you to retrieve the surveys you want when needed.

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Surveys for extra money

Surveys are a solution for many people looking for ways to earn extra money.

You can, to be honest, be a real game changer.

Think about it.

An opportunity to increase your income, whenever and wherever you want.

Regardless of your scenario, you can quickly earn money with online surveys:

Polls are available onlineTake it in your free time 24/7FlexiblePracticallyOn-demand workPayment on callpart time

Many people are looking for a convenient, quick and easy way to earn extra money.

You may not want to get involved in a second job, have transportation problems, want a hassle-free job, work from home or other reasons.

Online surveys are the answer!

Think of this example:

You have about 5 hours a week in your free time, which you can use to conduct surveys, or about one hour a day, Monday through Friday.

Suppose you do 6 surveys per hour.

This would add up quickly and bring you three additional numbers for the month.

It adds up really fast and you can use that $ 100 to $ 200 to save, spend, enjoy during the week, and so on.

Keep reading as we explore Surveytime, a free survey platform that offers polls worldwide!

What is survey time?

This free survey platform offers online surveys worldwide!

The surveys are available to you all over the world.

Their goal is to help their users generate extra income in their free time by working comfortably from home on their own terms.

Why extra money?

Making extra money is a great thing and can help you achieve so many different financial goals:

Expand your savings accountBuild your retirement accountCreate and expand an emergency fundSave for college for your kidsSave a down payment for a house or a carSave for a great future purchaseYou can be sure that you have money in the bank

What is the difference between the measuring time?

The short answer:

Immediate payment of $ 1 per survey and worldwide coverage.

They have an extensive and extensive inventory that allows them to match surveys and users based on their interests.

This means that they can offer you surveys that you enjoy!

How much can you earn?

For every survey, you'll immediately receive $ 1, whether it's a 5-minute or a 15-minute survey.

There is no reward system and you do not have to earn any points over time to pay off.

Here you earn real money!

Your surveys are on-demand and allow you to take them anywhere:

Waiting in the lobby of a medical appointmentSitting in class before your college professor comes inLie in bed before you get ready for the dayIn the evening before falling asleepAlways and everywhere in your free time

How cool does it sound to take surveys while your spouse or friend is driving you home, or you're on the road or lounging at home?

What sets Surveytime apart from the competition is the ability to create polls whenever you want!

You have 24/7 access to survey offers to earn money!

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to earn money, this is the answer!

Surveytime offers a wide selection of gift cards for places like Amazon, PayPal and more.

You can choose where you want to spend your money.

What do you offer?

A free signup process to join the site without any conditions. An interesting and unique survey experience (at this stage, taking surveys can be a bit boring, so they've worked to make it entertaining and engaging!) A custom list of targeted surveys – they provide surveys that interest you and that suit you. In this way, chances are better to complete surveys successfully. Real-time alerts – Make sure you do not miss any new polls, no matter what you choose: text, email, web, or anything.

How to start?

Ready to log in?

You can sign up for free via Facebook, Google, Twitter or by e-mail.

Registration is free and super fast.

Survey time ratings

You will answer a short list of questions to create your profile. Then you can conduct surveys that exactly match your profile.

For every completed survey you will immediately receive 1 US $!

As simple as that.

Frequently asked questions (from survey time)

1. How does it work?

After signing up to Surveytime, answer a few questions to create your profile and offer surveys that match your interests.

You can then conduct surveys and earn $ 1 for each successful survey.

2. Where can I redeem my $ 1 bonus?

Different gift cards are available for each country.

After selecting your reward, you must follow the instructions. You will receive a confirmation email that may vary depending on the reward selected.

3. How and when will I be informed about new surveys?

There are a number of ways that you can be notified about new surveys: text, email, and web notifications (you can enable these options while answering our first questions), or you can check the Surveytime website which new surveys you receive polls that we offer.

4. What happens if I do not fill out a survey?

If you did not successfully complete a survey, you will be offered other available surveys that might interest you. However, you will not be rewarded for the survey that you were unable to complete.

5. How long does a survey take?

The length of the surveys varies and may take 10 or even 15 minutes and, in rare cases, even longer, depending on the number of questions and your own pace.

6. Who can use Surveytime?


The survey time is available worldwide.

7. I do not see polls, why?

From time to time, they may not have a survey for you. This happens when your system does not find what suits your interests.

If you do not want to miss a new poll, make sure you enable notifications.

8. Why do I have to confirm my e-mail?

E-mail confirmation is part of the reward process and you can not release codes for redemption on the site for security reasons. They will therefore be emailed to you to make sure you are the only one who enjoys your rightfully deserved rewards.

9. Why do I have to confirm my phone number?

As with email verification, some codes need to be checked by phone.

This is only to protect your rewards and does not mean that we will ever contact you via SMS or phone (unless you want to enable SMS notifications, of course).

10. How many rewards can I get?

The number of rewards you can receive is unlimited as long as you have surveys and can complete them successfully.

11. How do I receive my rewards?

After completing a survey, you will receive a reward (or, if available, some reward options).

Select one and follow the instructions in the confirmation email.

12. When will I receive my reward?

Right away!

It is not necessary to collect or collect points or coins.

13. Do I have to register to take part in surveys / get rewards?

Yes you do.

By registering, we will find the surveys that best suit your interests and will be able to redeem your rewards faster as we already have all of your contact information.

You can also be informed about any new survey that we have found for you.

Benefits of Surveytime

Targeted surveys that you will be interested inJoin for freeFast login process1 USD per completed surveyTake surveys at your own time, whenever you want

Disadvantages of the survey time

Cash can only be redeemed via PayPal or a gift card

You see that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Targeted surveys

The biggest challenge for people trying to earn extra money is the time.

And Surveytime gives you your time back.

Think of this as a netflix of polls.

And if you take part in interesting surveys that appeal to you, it does not feel like work.

As the saying goes:

Do what you love and you will not work a day in your life.

Some other survey companies send you surveys that make you feel like you're getting your teeth.

You have to be crude and bald to answer every single question. Think about the questions for a very long time, because you really have no interest in the topic, but you have already committed to completing the offer.

With Surveytime you can get away with it completely.

Free and easy to join

You will not be asked for your credit card information and you will not have to pay any fees when you sign up for Surveytime.

You are a serious survey company and you never have to pay to use it.

Aside from being free to sign up, the sign up process is super fast and easy.

Fill in a few questions and then continue to answer survey questions.

Flat rate payment 1 USD per survey

This is a feature that you will love about Surveytime.

Regardless of which survey you take, you will always receive a flat fee of $ 1 per survey.

When you visit other survey sites, you sometimes spend up to 30 minutes or more choosing the right survey.

Most people are driven by money, so it's not uncommon to stake out the higher paying surveys first.

So spend time finding the higher paying offers.

Afterwards, take more time to review the offer and, as it were, screen the survey to see if it's interesting enough to be worth your time.

Lastly, you decide to take the survey or continue and take more time to find a replacement survey.

You see, a lot of time can be wasted.

If you earn the same amount per survey, the guesswork is gone.

This and the fact that Surveytime Surveys are carried out in a targeted manner make the survey experience enjoyable and worth your time.

Survey time ratings

On-demand surveys

Finally, you have the freedom to create surveys whenever you want.

This is a big advantage that many people look for in a job when looking for ways to earn extra income.

The people are busy.

The compatibility of work, school, family, private life and much more can be a challenge.

Once you've made the decision to increase your income, you want to save your time as much as possible.

This is one of the reasons why people love online surveys.

They can choose when they work and set their schedule around their lives.

Of all the benefits of working with Surveytime to earn extra money by conducting surveys, the only downside we've found is pay.

What's great is that you earn your flat rate immediately after the survey.

You do not have to wait for the credit of your account, but you are paid immediately.

And while you make cash, you can redeem it by Paypal or Gift Card.

So, if you're looking for cash that can be deposited into your bank account, it does not work that way. However, you can work around this as follows.

First, you'll really like the payout options that are diverse, including a mix of popular gift cards from places like Amazon, PayPal, and more.

Here's an easy way to convert these gift cards into cash indirectly.

First, you have to buy things.

If not, every day, then sure every week:

foodsgasEveryday items such as clothing, toiletries etc.Additional costs, cable, water bill etc.rental feeOther bills such as credit card, student loan etc.

So take these gift cards and buy stuff!

Then use the money you saved (because you used the gift cards to make the purchase) and save that money.

Make sense?

For example, this week, you'll need to buy $ 100 worth of food so you can use your Target Gift Card and go to Super Target to buy groceries for your home instead of using cash from your bank account.

So it's like having free food.

Take these $ 100 savings from your bank account and keep them for deposits, college savings, etc. in your emergency savings account, home or car.

Buy your regular purchases with the gift cards and save the other cash you would have used if you had not had the gift card.


Survey time ratings

Wondering what real Surveytime users think?

Take a look at some of these reviews:

Survey time ratings

"Great earning … payable immediately to PayPal or Bitcoin. Thanks to Surveytime for this opportunity. "

"With Surveytime I earn real money. It only takes a few minutes to answer the surveys and the payment is made immediately via PayPal. I hope you send me more surveys. Thanks Surveytime. This platform is real and 100% real. "

"It pays off right away, thanks Tommy"

Survey time ratings

Nice polls. Do not be bored like others. Most. It is real. It pays you immediately after completing a survey via PayPal or Bitcoin. I hope Surveytime offers more polls for people my age. Large !

Here, I find the surveys very interesting and what they promise to meet means they are safe to pay surveys. Thank you for being time team survey team Always be blessed!

proof of payment

You have the choice between rewards …

Survey period review

Take a look at these genuine proofs of payment showing how much users are earning!

Survey period review

Tips for the online survey

Polls do not do much.

You are paid to share your personal opinion, and Surveytime takes the monotony of participating in boring surveys by ensuring that your survey offers are tailored to your interests and rewarding you for being paid in just a few minutes.

Here are some best practices to conduct surveys like a pro:

1. Answer honestly

It may be tempting to respond in a way that serves your interests more, but remember to be honest and answer honestly.

It makes a big difference in the polls that you are matched.

2. Use any device

Surveytime responds to mobile devices so you have the choice to participate in surveys.

You do not have to download an app.

Just log in from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

This makes it easy to conduct surveys while on the move, traveling, or while waiting for an appointment or meeting.

It's also great that you do not have to feel bound to a particular device, such as For example, if you feel too lazy to grab your laptop, charge and conduct surveys, and you prefer to use your phone that never leaves your side.

This is possible with Surveytime!

3. Use Surveytime to your advantage

Check the website often for new survey opportunities and sign up to the email list, where you will be informed about the latest news, changes, offers, etc.

Last word

What is the consensus?

We value Surveytime as an innovative player in the survey industry.

They make waves and offer some interesting and unique ways to reward users for sharing their opinions.

It's a great opportunity that can truly serve anyone around the world.

With no geographic restrictions, instant payments, multiple threshold-less payment options, and targeted consumer surveys, Surveytime is a great way to earn extra cash in your free time.

They are a nice surprise in the survey world.

So what do you think?

You can sign up for SurveyTime and click here to learn more about her.

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