Receives a commission as a take a look at particular person: 5 methods to do that

What do your brain, body and child's toy box have in common? You can score all you extra money!

From market research to medical tests, a subject offers the opportunity to fill his wallet with cash, checks and gift cards. When you're ready to try a new product or experience and share your thoughts with the developers, you can give your bank account a boost in time for the holidays.

Here are some of our most popular ways to earn money as a test subject.

5 ways to earn money as a test item

1. Sign up for medical tests and studies

If you don't mind getting pushed and poked, this may be a great performance for you.

Prepare to fill out numerous documents related to your medical history, and in many cases provide evidence to confirm your listing. This can include providing copies of your charts or physical or other tests to determine if you qualify.

Since the criteria differ from test to test, your participation in a research study does not guarantee you a place in another study – you may even be disqualified!

The National Institute of Health (NIH)The company, which employs nearly 3,500 volunteers annually, states that it "compensates the study participants for their time and in some cases for the inconvenience of a procedure". The time is compensated at a standard rate while the inconvenience varies.

The NIH suggests that volunteers consider the risks and possible side effects of a study before participating.

2. Participate in psychological research studies

Are you looking for something less invasive? Take part in a psychological research study where you can be paid hourly in cash or with gift cards. Prices vary between $ 10 and $ 50 an hour and are flat-rate for participation.

It's not as scary as you might think. Many studies seek insights into human thinking and behavior, including memory, decision making, learning, and perception.

But there are many others that deal with the intersection of psychology and market research. Yales SOM eLabFor example, he examines a "wide range of academic studies on topics of individual decision making, including consumer goals and behavior, influences of marketing, interactions with culture and politics, health and public policy and even moral and ethical questions".

It is no surprise that the best place to find such opportunities is at a large university. Harvard. NYU, and the University of Maryland All of them offer outstanding psychological research programs.

Don't you live near one of these schools? Do not worry. Some universities like Stanford and Yale, Enable online participation and many use the same Sona system to register volunteers for their study pool.

Be sure to read the fine print before signing up. While many research studies are billed by bank check, PayPal, or gift card, some simply take part in a raffle that could potentially win you money. Many universities also offer credits for participation. Therefore, choose your "payment" carefully if you want to earn cash.

3. Share your thoughts through market research

You know what they say about opinions, don't you? Now that "everyone has one," why not start paying for yours?

Because companies ignore the basic principles of supply and demand, they want people like you to know what the market is asking for so that they can offer it.

How does it work? Focus group participants earn money for honest feedback, often in the form of a survey or group discussion.

Participation in these focus groups is largely based on your demographics. When you sign up for a research group database, you answer a number of questions to determine which studies you qualify for.

Ready to try it out focus group? Some companies are to be contacted 20 | 20 windowl. Focuscope, Inc.. Minds Warms (Online participation) Mediabarn Research, and Shugoll Research,

4. Let your children participate as a toy tester

If you are concerned with the idea of ​​market research, why not get your children to participate?

If you live near El Segundo, California Mattel Imagination Center is a great option for children (typical)3-13 years) to try toys against toys and / or gift vouchers. (Parents also receive a gift card.)

Hasbro also has a toy testing program listed on their FAQ page, or you can see if their Fun lab in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

The best way to get your family involved in any of these ways is to follow the toy company's social media feeds. As you can imagine, people don't "play around" when testing toys. The competition can be tough. The companies often organize competitions and select new testers from the pool of participants.

5. Have yourself paid for the duty of the jury as part of a mock process

Another way to make a little more money with your opinion is to be a substitute judge. If you meet the requirements for regular jury duty, you may be paid by lawyers in your county or district for reviewing a case and providing feedback.

Find out about opportunities for personal participation in sham exams by companies such as Register directly or online through sites like Online Rating,

And the best news? According to Steve Gillman, the $ 150 by attending one Mock trial, they tend to pay you (and feed you) better than the jury's actual duty. How much better? Depending on how complicated the case is, you can count on $ 20 to $ 60 an hour.

Leah Thayer is an associate of The Penny Hoarder.

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