10 methods to get free diapers (up to date 2020)

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It can be difficult and expensive to be able to afford all the necessary things to raise a happy, healthy child.

To do this, you may need to find creative ways to get your hands on important things like free diapers or get them as cheap as possible or free if you can do it.

This can help resolve some of the concerns about clean diapers in your budget.

Here are many different ways you can purchase diapers for your child for free.

This guide can help you figure out how.

10 ways to get free diapers

There are several ways to fund your diaper budget.

Why fund your diaper budget when you can get diapers for free?

Here are some easy ways to get your hands on free diapers!

1. Create a baby registration at the destination

Before your baby arrives, you will receive as much advice as possible on how to deal with parenting.

There will be all kinds of fun tricks to learn.

It's no mystery why people give advice on raising children so quickly – it's difficult!

You have to face the fact that it is important to give life to a child and enable them to live a happy, safe and healthy life.

Developing ways to take care of your child and preserving all facets of a new parent can be challenging.

It can be difficult to always have the tools you need.

Diapers are such a necessary tool.

Given that a baby can go through multiple disposable diapers every day, it is always important to have a good supply of them on hand.

On the other hand, a good diaper supply is not always financially possible.

A box of diapers can cost between $ 10 and $ 20 a head, depending on how many you buy at the same time.

There are brands that are particularly health-conscious.

They are aimed at those who want to keep their baby away from harmful chemicals that can cost even more.

This means that a week's worth of diapers can put a significant strain on your monthly budget.

A good way to be one step ahead of the game and get nappies before your child is born is to create a baby registration.

Baby registry on target

You can easily do this at Target!

Baby registration is the perfect way to get your friends and family to take care of your child before they are born.

You can inform your loved ones about your baby registration before a baby shower.

Then you can get many of the items you need for free.

This can definitely change how much you pay for your baby's needs from the start.

It will be easy to figure out how every little contribution from your friends and family community will help you.

You will quickly see how expensive a child is.

One of the biggest advantages of registering with Target is that they offer free target samples once you sign up!

When you sign up for a baby registration with Target, you can expect to receive a gift bag with free products and $ 100 vouchers.

They give you this to help you on your parental journey.

You can add everything you need to your baby registry, including diapers.

In fact, adding diapers to your baby registry should be high on your list!

This is an item that every single parent needs constantly.

Your friends and family know how important and necessary it is to afford them, and they are ready to help.

What you should include in your registration

If you include diapers in your baby registration, you can top up your supply immediately before your baby's arrival.

Feel free to add different brands to see if one works better for your baby than the others.

You can also add everything your baby needs.

You can add blankets, strollers, clothes, diaper bags and toys to shoes, towels and much more!

By registering with Target, you can add all of these elements to your list of the desires and needs of your upcoming child.

Once you have registered with Target, your friends and family can purchase these items on your behalf.

Everything that is still available in your baby registration with Target eight weeks before the birth of your baby can be purchased directly from you with a discount of 15%.

If you haven't noticed, Target really wants you to have everything you need for your upcoming child!

Diapers are by far one of the best items you can add to your registry and you shouldn't hesitate to do so.

Choose different sizes

It is also a good idea to add different sizes to the registry.

Infants grow quickly and within a few months your child can go through different diaper sizes.

You want to have different sizes ready.

If you consider that diapers that are too small do more damage than help.

You don't want to find out that your baby has diaper rash frequently.

You may also have diaper problems because it is too big or too small.

If you have different sizes in your registry, it may mean that you have an inventory that is ready for use.

There will be phases when your child moves from one size to the next.

Plan ahead and let your friends and family know your intended purpose for your baby registration.

You can get the people you care about on board.

Raising a child is definitely a big responsibility.

The help of those you care for can make a big difference when it comes to maintaining your baby's lifestyle.

Creating a baby registration with Target can make your transition to parenting easier.

You can do this with the help of those you love in the back.

Best of all, with Target's free samples, you can get free diapers from your baby registration.

You can use the vouchers you receive to purchase additional vouchers!

2. Take online surveys to receive free gift cards

Many of you may now know that online surveys can be a lucrative way to earn extra money on the side.

This money can literally be used for anything you can buy.

Take surveys to use the funds for a specific purpose.

You can help finance part of your life that would otherwise be difficult.

In a roundabout way, surveys can essentially give you free money for the things you want to buy.

In this particular case, you can use online surveys as a method to meet your baby's diaper needs.

Nothing in life is completely "free".

You need to do some work to get the funds you need.

This method is a great way to raise money for your baby's diapers.

If you want to get free diapers, check out one of the many survey pages available.

On these websites, you can take surveys that are paid for your opinion.

Earning money with these websites can change your life for the better.

It is possible that you have never heard of these survey pages. If you haven't done this, be careful!

What rewards can I expect?

These survey pages are legitimate and definitely a great way to create a small income stream in your free time.

These survey pages will reward you for completing your surveys.

After collecting the required points, you can redeem them for cash or gift cards.

The gift cards you receive can be for one of many specific stores or retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart and others.

You can also take your points and convert them into real money, which will be transferred directly to your PayPal account.

That means you can earn real dollars just to answer questions.

You can take an hour to quickly complete a series of surveys in one session.

These surveys are easy to do and the payout is a bit more money.

With this money you can cover your baby's diaper needs.

Your total cost of diapers, towels or other items for your child will be significantly reduced.

All you have to do is take surveys!

You want to familiarize yourself with the various survey sites available.

All of these point systems websites are not created equal.

Finding the best ones that will allow you to pay higher for each of your surveys will help you get your washout bonus faster.

There are many websites that are also scams or websites that promise a high payout for very little work.

Be tired of these websites as they will most likely waste your time.

There are legitimate market research companies worth your time.

You should use this instead!

Here you can see different options for market survey pages where real money and gift cards are paid out.

Poll junkie

Survey Junkie is undoubtedly one of the most reliable websites you can turn to to take surveys and make money.

This website has been around since 2005 and has had millions of users in the past.

Why wouldn't you make a little more money doing the best you can on the side?

It is possible to buy your baby's diapers through this website.

You can start your surveys today!

This website is very easy to use and it is fairly easy to set up with an account.

You must fill out a profile to take surveys. However, this only takes a few minutes.

Earning points is easy, but there is a minimum that you must meet before you can withdraw.

To earn $ 10 you need to earn 1,000 points.

This is the minimum for the withdrawal, but if you want to continue for a larger withdrawal, you can do that too!

If you are interested, you can also download an app for your phone.

So you can take surveys on the go!

Once you've completed your member profile, you'll be matched against various surveys that match your demographic questions.

Your interests and preferences will be taken into account and you will find that the surveys you perform are based on things you are familiar with.

How can I earn with Survey Junkie?

You can turn your points into gift cards for all sorts of places.

If you really want to use your rewards freely, you can convert the points into PayPal cash.

You can choose gift cards for places like Amazon and Target that allow you to use these diaper tools.

This website is known for its reliability and has helped many people make extra money on the side by just taking surveys!

No matter who you are, when you step on the Survey Junkie car, you can earn a decent hourly income simply by filling out surveys.

The average amount you can earn one hour after successfully completing surveys is approximately $ 12 an hour.

This is a pack of pampering!

Is it difficult to sign up?

You do not have to emphasize the registration process.

You do not have to go through an extensive review process to be considered for this website.

There is one thing that distinguishes this website from others: there is no sign-up bonus.

This is a disadvantage compared to other survey sites.

Regardless, it won't stop you from earning an income for your due diligence and opinion.

If you use Survey Junkie, you can find out how much you will be paid for a survey before taking part in it.

This means that you can choose the polls on the website that give more points after the poll is complete.

This way you can quickly collect points.

You want to win the bigger winners first, but there is a catch if you get these big points all at once.

These surveys usually take a long time. So be ready to sit down for an hour and fill in the questions.

How to answer questions

These surveys are intended to be shared with companies that want to know your opinion.

The bigger winners are best suited to collect points quickly.

You have to fill them out honestly and pay attention to the questions.

There are questions that are included in these surveys to sort out those who blindly answer questions just to collect a few points.

This means that you should know what you are answering.

If not, the survey will boot you.

This means that you cannot complete the process and receive little or no points compared to a completed survey.

Save yourself the trouble of wasting your time or not winning your points, and pay attention!

If you don't fit the demographic group for a survey, Survey Junkie ensures that you don't get that survey.

Your goal is to get as much valuable information as possible.

If you want to get free diapers, Survey Junkie can help you make money by taking surveys!

pine cones research

If you're looking for a survey page that really adds up in terms of payouts, you're interested in Pinecone Research.

This website is one of the best.

It is one of the highest paid survey sites for people who want to earn money for their opinion.

Pinecone Research pays its users $ 3 per completed survey.

You can earn a substantial amount if you make a few of them in one day!

There is also the added benefit of a sign up bonus.

You get $ 3 when you sign up with them.

Pinecone Research is a company that conducts surveys for its users, but also focuses on product testing.

This means that you can test products for free before answering questions about them.

The advantage is free swag, the other advantage is cash rewards!

You can only win with Pinecone Research.

How does your points system work?

The website is straightforward when it comes to the points system and payouts.

You will earn approximately $ 1 per 100 points.

As soon as you have reached the desired withdrawal amount, you can convert these points into real money or gift cards.

You can take the points you make at Pinecone Research and buy your baby's diapers.

This particular company breaks new ground when it comes to paying out points.

There is no minimum for redeeming your points!

This means that you can withdraw quickly or only when you need to.

You don't have to worry about not being able to remove money from your account if you need to.

They make it really easy to turn your free time into cash.

This means that you can easily finance your diaper budget without having to dive into your paycheck.

Price rebel

Prize Rebel is similar to Pinecone Research.

On this website you have to sign up for free trials and test different products.

You will be paid to test these products and keep them.

This website is also a platform where you can get paid to watch videos and complete surveys.

This is one of the most reliable places on the internet where you can take cash surveys!

This platform is huge, the user base is over seven million!

It's active every day users who spend their free time filling out surveys and earning extra money from home or on the go.

You can also easily become one of these people.

All you have to do is open an account with them and advance the verification process.

Anyone can join this website that has been around since 2007.

You can become one of the many members who earn money for their opinions.

The Prize Rebel registration process takes just a few moments.

You can start earning money right away!

There are websites that are fraudulent or take a long time to pay out.

Prize Rebel is not one of them.

You can pay for your diapers without breaking into your piggy bank for the money.

There is nothing more satisfying than holding a savings account and still having everything you want and need.

Prize Rebel can help you live this dream!


If you're looking for a cash powerhouse in surveys, check out Swagbucks.

There are countless different places on the Internet where you can make money from surveys.

They're great, but you'll love how quickly you can make money with SwagBucks.

This website offers millions of users!

There are several ways you can get your hands on some of these cute swagbucks.

Although you can make money with SwagBucks, you won't make a crazy amount of money in a day.

You must commit to using SwagBucks regularly in order to truly understand the benefits of using this website.

That being said, you can definitely contribute to your monthly income.

This will help cover your diaper fund by simply staying on this page and doing tasks.

How do I earn SwagBucks?

With this platform, you can earn Swagbucks by taking simple surveys, playing fun video games, watching quick videos, and more.

You can earn these Swagbucks on their website and just turn them into real money and gift cards.

If you take the surveys, you will find that the process is easy and you do not need to highlight any of the questions.

However, you need to be careful to be honest and pay attention to what you are asked.

As with any survey page, you are expected to keep up with the questions.

There are some who are meant to separate people who are not careful and who respond blindly.

As long as you focus on the current survey, you can convert your time into points.

You can redeem them for real money and gift cards!

If you're worried about running out of surveys, you don't have to stress this.

SwagBucks attaches great importance to the fact that several surveys are available every day.

This gives their users the opportunity to earn money on the side – a real possibility.

You can only focus on surveys and make money when you want to.

Swagbucks also offers you other ways to make money with their platform if you are interested.

You can easily watch short videos for additional points, or sign up for issues you believe in.

You can also play video games. You can also collect points using these other methods.

How do I convert my SwagBucks into cash?

There is a minimum for the withdrawal of your Swagbucks.

Fortunately, if you fill out a few surveys every day, you won't need weeks to get there.

As soon as you have collected enough points on this platform, you can redeem them for cash.

You can easily convert these points into gift cards in the reward area.

If you want to convert your points into cash, you can redeem your points in your PayPal account!

If you want to redeem your Swagbucks for gift cards, you can choose from various retailers that sell diapers.

This includes Target, Amazon and more!

You want to be paid through PayPal.

This is the most popular option.

You can expect the money from your SwagBucks account to be deposited directly into your PayPal account.

It is not necessary to redeem a gift card code as it will only be stored there after a short time.

There are several ways you can earn and redeem your SwagBucks points.

You can convert the time you spend on surveys into money for your child's diapers.

This can help you reduce the stress of having to support this need financially.

Surveys help by taking some of your free time and focusing on making extra money.

SwagBucks shopping portal

You can also use the SwagBucks shopping portal to shop online and get cash back.

This means that you can buy other baby items from some of your favorite companies on their website.

With every dollar you spend, you get a SwagBucks kickback.

Swagbucks is a great way to raise extra money and fund your diaper budget.

SwagBucks also rewards its new users by starting them with a sweet $ 5 bonus just to sign up for them.

Trying to quickly reach the washout minimum can help you a lot!

SwagBucks wants you to become a returning user and help companies better understand their customer base.

With this website you can earn additional money and take care of all your child's diaper needs online or via the app!

All you do is sign up a few times a week and complete some surveys.

As simple as that!


Another great website for making extra money is iPoll.

This website is dedicated to providing new surveys to users on a daily basis.

This is a legitimate website where you can share your opinion on real cash rewards!

You can use iPoll by logging into their website and completing surveys. However, you also have an app.

You can easily download this app to your smartphone.

Set up notifications that ping every time a new poll is available!

This is great because you can always be up to date when it comes to making money with iPoll.

You can also choose to keep the old school and check the website as you like.

But why if you can stay alert with the app?

In this way you can maximize your earnings potential.

How does iPoll work?

The way iPoll works is straightforward.

They give you rewards for sharing your opinion through market surveys.

These market studies are usually based on the products you buy.

You can also rely on services that you use in your daily life and places that you enjoy visiting during the week.

With iPoll, you can also make some money and pay for your baby's diapers.

You can use this money for other purposes as you see fit.

This website is a perfect way to add to your income in your free time.

It can easily help take the burden of your child's financial support a little less stressful.

You can download the iPoll app directly to your iOS or Android device from the respective app stores.

How should I answer questions?

This website works similarly to other survey websites.

When taking a survey, you need to pay special attention to the questions that are asked.

If you blindly answer questions when participating in an iPoll survey, the survey will boot you.

You only have one chance to go to the survey screen.

If you miss the screening questions or your survey times out, you cannot highlight these points.

You don't want to get caught in the trick question because you don't have the ability to win back those points.

A good tip is to always read the entire question.

You may still be booted by some surveys.

This is because you don't meet demographic needs.

You can do little to change that.

How long do the surveys take?

A good suggestion is to make sure you have enough time to complete this survey.

Some surveys can only take five minutes.

Other surveys with higher payouts will likely take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour.

You can get a picture of the length of the survey before taking part.

The surveys take different lengths of time and sometimes take longer than originally suggested.

If you leave the survey screen because you don't have enough time to fill it out, you will lose these points.

For this reason, you want to make sure that you are completely free and able to work on the survey before you start the survey.

If you don't have time, you can always save it for later!

iPoll is great because you can know how long each survey takes before you take it.

You can also know how many points you will receive for successful completion.

This way you can determine which surveys should be carried out first.

The best suggestion is to take the higher paying ones first. These will help you reach your payout goal much faster.

When should I expect new surveys?

You should also make sure to check iPoll regularly.

The various surveys they offer are updated regularly throughout the week.

If it is possible to search for new surveys every day, you should do so!

This is a way to maximize your money making with iPoll.

Becoming an iPoll member is super easy. All you have to do is go to their website and create a profile.

You won't be turned away, iPoll wants all the opinions you can get.

When it comes to the payouts themselves, there are several options to choose from, including flight credits, gift cards, and real money.

To fund your child's needs, you want to pay your iPoll points for gift cards to retailers selling diapers and baby items.

You can also withdraw from PayPal and buy from any retailer of your choice!

Another way to make money with iPoll is to take photos and test products you buy, or search for additional points in different locations.

You can register for an iPoll account by going to their website or downloading the app on your smartphone and filling out a user profile!

Inbox dollars

If you want a second great option that behaves like SwagBucks, you should check out InboxDollars.

You can easily download InboxDollars as a mobile app on your smartphone and take surveys on the go!

This website is also available for the desktop.

The website has more features and areas to help you earn more points.

This website is legitimate and has millions of users.

With these numbers, you can count on making some money from this website.

Downloading the app is the easiest way to get started with InboxDollars.

All you have to do to get to the surveys is to fill out a user profile.

Once your account is created, you can collect some points to redeem for cash or gift cards.

Every person who signs up for InboxDollars will receive an entry bonus of $ 5!

With this sign up bonus and the many different ways to make money with InboxDollars, you can cash out quickly.

There is no reason why you cannot get to this website, earn some points and convert those points into diaper money.

How many surveys can I expect?

You can assume that surveys with InboxDollars are simple and straightforward.

You get a variety of survey options right from the start.

You can also find out how long they last and how much you earn before you start.

If you really want to make a lot of money, you can easily double your earnings potential.

You can do this with SwagBucks and also conduct surveys on InboxDollars.

With this method you can increase the use of your diaper fund in the shortest possible time.

All you have to do is spend between fifteen minutes and an hour at these locations each day.

InboxDollars reports that its customers have been paid over $ 56 million in total prizes!

You can easily become one of the many people who have the honor of earning money for sharing your opinion.

This little method will help your diaper budget.

You don't have to dive into your weekly paycheck to get a new box of pampering!

After signing up for InboxDollars, you will be automatically signed up for email notifications.

Diese Benachrichtigungen halten Sie auf dem Laufenden, wenn Sie weitere Umfragen durchführen müssen!

Sie können davon ausgehen, dass sich die Belohnungen schnell häufen, wenn Sie sich jeden Tag bei InboxDollars anmelden.

Andere Methoden, um mit InboxDollars Geld zu verdienen

Sie können mit Sicherheit Umfragen gegen Bargeld durchführen.

Wenn Sie daran interessiert sind, es zu ändern, bietet InboxDollars andere Methoden, mit denen Sie zusätzliches Geld verdienen können.

Benutzer können kurze Videos ansehen, bezahlte E-Mails lesen, Angebote vervollständigen und Rubbelabschläge für Punkteboni spielen.

Es gibt unzählige Möglichkeiten, mit InboxDollars Geld zu verdienen.

Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist teilzunehmen, um zu sehen, wie sich die Belohnungen erhöhen.

Sie können Ihr Windelbudget problemlos finanzieren und erhalten möglicherweise sogar zusätzliches Geld für sich selbst!

InboxDollars unterscheidet sich in einigen Punkten geringfügig von SwagBucks.

Unabhängig davon sind sie sich in ihren Umfragediensten sehr ähnlich.

Sie können definitiv einige Zeit auf diesen beiden Websites verbringen und ohne Probleme ein zusätzliches Einkommen erzielen.

Das Anschauen von Trailern für Apps und Dienste ist eine weitere Möglichkeit für Benutzer, mit InboxDollars zusätzliches Geld zu verdienen.

Obwohl dies nicht so lukrativ oder häufig ist, ist dies eine Möglichkeit, Ihre InboxDollars zu erweitern.

Wie viel kann ich pro Umfrage verdienen?

Wenn es um Umfragen bei InboxDollars geht, können Sie damit rechnen, dass Sie zwischen 0,05 und 5 US-Dollar pro Umfrage bezahlt werden.

Höher bezahlte Umfragen sind seltener, aber es gibt sie und sie sind die Zeit sehr wert.

Sie können sich eines Tages bei InboxDollars anmelden und überrascht sein, eine Umfrage für 10 oder 20 US-Dollar zu finden.

So schockierend das auch sein mag, es ist echt!

Sie können an diesen Umfragen teilnehmen und diese Punkte sammeln.

Denken Sie immer daran, dass sie versuchen werden, Sie stark auszusortieren. Achten Sie also genau darauf.

Es lohnt sich, sich Zeit zu nehmen, um diese Grale zu vervollständigen.

Sie können davon ausgehen, dass das Ausfüllen dieser Umfragen etwas länger dauert.

Dies sind die Arten von Umfragen, von denen Sie hoffen, dass sie in Ihrem Posteingang angezeigt werden.

Wenn Sie InboxDollars verwenden, können Sie damit rechnen, mit Ihren Ausfallzeiten echtes Geld zu verdienen.

Benutzer der App können auch unterwegs an Umfragen teilnehmen und andere Aufgaben erledigen!

3. Registrieren Sie sich, um kostenlose Proben zu erhalten

Wenn Sie nach einer Möglichkeit suchen, kostenlose Windeln zu erhalten, ohne viel darüber nachdenken zu müssen, registrieren Sie sich für kostenlose Proben!

Die meisten bekannten Windelmarken teilen ihre Babyprodukte mit Verbrauchern, die sie am dringendsten benötigen.

Sie können kostenlose Babywindeln erhalten, nur um sich bei einigen dieser Unternehmen zu registrieren.

Was Sie tun müssen, um in diese Gruppe von Menschen zu gelangen, ist ziemlich einfach.

Alles was Sie tun müssen, ist sich online anzumelden!

Wenn Sie dies tun, werden Sie als erster von den neuen Angeboten erfahren.

Sie erhalten ihre Beispielprodukte und bleiben über ihre Produktneuheiten auf dem Laufenden.

Alle großen Marken bieten Prämienprogramme wie Huggies, Pampers, Luvs und mehr an.

Sobald Sie an diesen Programmen teilnehmen, können Sie erwarten, kostenlose Muster, Rabatte und mehr zu erhalten.

Je nachdem, wen Sie anmelden, erhalten Sie je nach Programm unterschiedliche Produkte.


Wenn Sie daran interessiert sind, Windeln von Pampers zu bekommen, sollten Sie am Belohnungsprogramm teilnehmen.

Dies ist einer der größten Namen in Windelunternehmen.

Sie sind fast so groß, dass ihr Name gleichbedeutend mit dem Wort Windel ist.

Wenn Sie sich für das Prämienprogramm anmelden, melden Sie sich an, um Rabatte direkt vom Unternehmen zu erhalten.

Sie erhalten auch Zugang zu Mustern von kostenlosen Windeln, wenn diese verfügbar sind.

Sie können sich ganz einfach für ein Konto anmelden, indem Sie die App auf Ihr Smartphone herunterladen.

Innerhalb ihrer App gibt es verschiedene Möglichkeiten, wie Sie Credits verdienen können.

Sie können diese für tiefe Rabatte und kostenlose Windeln von ihrer Firma verwenden.

Es gibt einen kleinen Haken, da Sie nicht ständig kostenlose Proben von ihnen erhalten können.

Um wirklich Punkte mit ihrer Firma für mehr Rabatte und kostenlose Produkte zu verdienen, müssen Sie Pampers Windeln kaufen.

Der Trick, um Punkte zu sammeln, besteht darin, die UPC-Codes Ihrer Einkäufe zu verfolgen.

You’ll have to snap a photo of the UPC code from the box you’ve purchased into their app to earn points.

You can see this as a cash back rewards kind of opportunity.

You’ll still be able to receive free diapers from Pampers!

People who are big users of this brand can expect to receive discounts for being repeat customers.

This helps keep their brand afloat and helps their consumers save money on this necessity after having a baby.


If you’re interested in getting diapers from Huggies, then you can expect to do this in a similar manner as you would with Pampers.

The program that Huggies has is far more robust than the one that Pampers has.

But that’s not to say that using Pampers rewards program isn’t worth it!

Ideally, you could use both!

A diaper is a diaper, after all.

As with Pampers, Huggies has an app.

You can easily sign up for an account with Huggies.

You can use their app to help earn and keep track of points that you earn.

Also similar to the way that Pampers works, you can make more points with Huggies by purchasing their products.

Being a repeat customer can help a lot with these brands.

You have to sign up with them though!

If not, you won’t get rewards if you don’t have one of their rewards accounts.

One major difference that Huggies offers that Pampers doesn’t is the ability to earn points by taking surveys.

You can easily take these surveys inside of the Huggies application.

You can also earn extra points by sharing their products on social media with your loved ones.

Basically, you can earn points towards discounts and products by being a brand ambassador for Huggies in your spare time!

Other Rewards

You can also choose to enter different sweepstakes that they offer on the app.

Although you’re not likely to end up winning a bunch of them, they’re fun to enter.

If you do win you get major rewards, all for being a Huggies customer!

The points that you earn from using the Huggies app can be redeemed for gift cards.

You can use these to buy diapers.

If you’re signing up with their company at a lucky time, you may be able to earn a signup bonus of 500 points right from the start.

Make sure to utilize your Facebook and Twitter accounts as much as possible.

Sharing their products to your feed on either of these social media sites can help boost your points quickly and easily.

You’ll also be able to earn points from Huggies by reading articles and completing tasks that they ask you to do within the app.

Like with other rewards apps and websites, you’ll have to reach a minimum point amount to be able to redeem them.

Once you’ve reached this minimum, you can turn your points into gift cards.

You’ll be able to use these gift cards for diapers.

You can also choose to take your points and purchase other Huggies products.

If you’re interested in entering one of their sweepstakes, you definitely should!

They often have contests that give the winner a year’s worth of diapers.

For someone looking for ways to get free diapers, this is a fantastic way to try your luck.

Why not?

You can get an arsenal of diapers just for entering into a Huggies contest!

4. National Diaper Bank Network

If you’re looking for ways to get free diapers, then you’ll want to look into the National Diaper Bank Network.

This company was created with the intention of helping families meet the needs of their children.

They do this by helping provide diapers to local residents for free.

This is a company that is based in the United States and serves American families only.

This is a great way to find free diapers in your area.

They can help take some of the burden of stabilizing this need.

You can easily navigate around their website.

You’ll find different organizations at the local level that the National Diaper Bank Network works with.

This an incredibly useful tool if you need help getting your hands on diapers for your children.

It’s great for those who do not have time to execute surveys or wait to collect rewards.

The truth of why this organization exists is that there is serious need for diapers in US homes.

There are many parents who cannot always meet the needs of their children when it comes to diapers.

This organization has helped to change this for many.

Why Was This Organization Created?

This nationwide organization was developed with the help of Huggies.

It was created to help low-income families find ways to access free diapers without having to stress.

This is an option that is available to those who cannot afford diapers.

If you feel that this organization can help you, then you should reach out to them.

It is very likely that there is an agency in your area that can help provide diaper assistance for your family.

If you’re looking for alternatives to this organization, you may find that there are others that do similar work locally.

Some of these different organizations promote events.

They are usually sponsored by local organizations to do major giveaways of products for infants and children.

A lot of these organizations do these events without having requirements for parent to participate.

Any level of income or residency conditions are accepted.

Local organizations will have ways to keep track of where and when these types of events are happening.

Whether or not you have a local organization, you can definitely turn to the National Diaper Bank Network for help.

In the USA, there are over 300 diaper banks that are community based.

The National Diaper Bank Network works with these diaper banks.

With their help, these diaper banks distribute millions of free diapers to families in need every year.

This company is a god-send for many.

They help to keep babies in dry, healthy, safe diapers as long as they may need them.

5. Ask Your Doctor!

This may be one that you didn’t think of off the top of your head, but when it dawns on you, it’s a no brainer!

When it comes to promoting baby products, who better to get on the band wagon than the people who bring babies into the world?

Think from the perspective of a diaper company.

Handing out samples to doctors who then pass them on to their patients is a great way to promote their products!

As a parent, you won’t necessarily care about the product being from a specific brand.

Just as long as it serves its purpose and is functional for your family needs, a free diaper is a free diaper!

This means that you can probably find that your doctor has a stockpile of diapers.

Even better, they’re willing to tap into and share with you!

The reason why major diaper companies do this is so that they can spread the news of their products.

They want people to know that they are a diaper brand that stands out.

They’re willing to prove it by letting you test out the products they hope for you to buy.

You can easily make the most of these businesses savvy techniques and get yourself some free diapers.

All you have to do is ask your doctor if they have any free diaper samples they’re willing to part with!

Other Sample Types

You may discover that they have diaper samples and even more to share with you, all you have to do is ask.

They may have samples of different formulas you can try, or other baby products like wipes.

This is a great way to get your hands-on free samples without having to bend over backwards to find them.

Considering this as a viable option is great, but it won’t be possible for this to be a long-term solution for most.

In a bind, this may be your saving grace.

Still, finding more sustainable ways of getting free diapers may be in your best interest.

Doctors will have company reps bring in diaper samples on a regular basis.

Do not hesitate to ask your pediatrician for samples.

They are there to be given away after all!

Considering that they get many different samples throughout the year, your doctor may be more than happy to unload some diapers to your family.

Storing diapers in a doctor’s office can be a pain, and giving them away is charitable and nice.

You can also ask for free diaper and other samples in the hospital when you deliver your baby.

It’s a common practice for the hospital to give new parents a starter kit with diapers, formula samples, wipes, and more.

If you’re in luck, you may find that your doctor also has coupons available to share with their patients.

It won’t make your purchases free, but they will definitely shave some dollars off of your overall baby items purchases, which can be helpful too!

6. Join Amazon Family

Another great way to get some free diapers is to join Amazon Family.

If you aren’t already an Amazon Prime member, I’d highly suggest getting a membership because the benefits of having one are many.

With your Amazon Prime membership, you can join Amazon Family.

You’ll be able to create a baby registry like you would with other stores and companies.

This will enable you to share your wishlist with your friends and family prior to a baby shower.

This can allow them to help you cover the costs of taking care of your baby needs.

You’ll be able to register for anything that you may need or your newborn child may need in one place.

After they’ve been bought, you can have the items easily and conveniently shipped to your door.

Sign Up Bonus

When you sign up for Amazon Family and create your registry, you get free diapers and other baby items.

To be eligible for this, you have to prompt your friends and family to make purchases on your behalf using the registry.

Once there have been $1,000 worth of purchases made by your friends and family, Amazon issues you a $100 credit.

You can use this towards baby items!

This allows you to get an extra $100 worth of baby items for free.

If you want to do things the smart way, you should use it towards diapers!

Even if you don’t reach the $1,000 mark with purchases from Amazon Family, you still get up to 20% off on all baby purchases.

This includes baby food, diapers, wipes, and more!

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, joining Amazon Family is free!

Amazon Family also gives parents access to expert advice on child rearing.

You’ll have access to information on how to manage different issues that may arise while raising a child.

If you complete your baby registry through Amazon Family, you’ll also get a 15% discount for finishing the process.

Once you’ve registered for a baby registry with Amazon Family, you will receive a free baby registry box.

This box comes with free samples of diapers and other baby items.

These boxes are not set in stone when it comes to what’s included in them.

Still, you can count on all of the products to be useful to you and your infant.

If you’re an avid Amazon user, share your code!

Anyone who joins Amazon Family because you suggested it gets you credits.

These can be used to purchase diapers on Amazon.

Post it on social media to help you get even more cash!

7. Use Coupons

This isn’t necessarily a way to get *free* diapers, but it’s definitely a helpful one and that is why it is on the list.

We all know coupons can be good for shaving a few bucks off the top of our purchases.

When it comes to diapers, these coupons can be a saving grace.

You can get coupons for diapers from various places.

They’re available on the internet, your doctor, or in the Sunday paper at your local grocery store.

You can also get coupons directly from the manufacturers.

Using these coupons can save you a lot over the course of a year.

You can choose to stick to your favorite brands and find manufacturer coupons on their website.

You can also go old school and clip the coupons out of the coupon pages in your weekly newspaper.

Manufacturer Coupons

You can also choose to reach out to different diaper companies and ask them to send you coupons (or free samples).

You’ll find that major diaper manufacturers will send you coupons to your home at no cost to you!

The diapers you’d buy with these coupons wouldn’t be totally free, but they definitely will be cheaper.

A smart trick is to buy diapers that are on sale and use the coupons you get from different manufacturers with these sales.

You may have a harder time finding coupons for generic brands.

Expect to purchase name brand products if you decide to use coupons to lower your diaper costs.

Diapers can be expensive.

This is especially true as your children get older and use large sizes or go through more of them more frequently.

You’ll be able to save a lot of money just by being vigilant about how you buy your diapers.

You can count the savings that you make as being equivalent to receiving that many free diapers.

You’ll be able to get a few free diapers out of a pack of diapers by lowering the overall cost of your diaper box.

Reaching out to diaper companies asking for discounts, samples, or anything that they may be willing to send you can save you a lot of money.

Take a chance and see what they are willing to share with you free of cost, you may find yourself blissfully blessed.


Unlike Huggies and Pampers, Luvs diaper company does not offer a rewards program.

You won’t be able to sign up for and receive continuous discounts and free items.

Besides this, they do have coupons available for download off of their website.

You’ll be able to save those coupons and use them on your diaper purchases.

This can help lower the overall cost and essentially getting you a few free diapers in the process.

You will also be able to log into their website and enter different contests that they have during the year.

Usually these contests are major giveaways, usually including a giveaway of a year’s worth of diapers!

Imagine winning that sweepstakes just for logging into their site and taking a curious look around!

There are different ways that you can lower your diaper costs.

Although couponing isn’t “free” per se, it is still helpful and you can get more bang for your buck.

8. Check Out Local Food Pantries

If you’re interested in sourcing free diapers, then you should consider looking at your local food pantry.

Local food pantries do serve the purpose of feeding the community in need.

Many of them also offer different products and items that families may need.

Volunteers and donors to these food pantries often bring other items that people may need.

These items include things such as clothing and items for children.

These items include formula, wipes, and of course, diapers!

You’d be very surprised at how many of these food pantries have an abundance of diapers available for members of their community.

If you’re interested in seeing if your local food pantry has diapers available for people who need them, just give them a call!

Every food pantry has different rules for who can qualify for free diapers.

If you meet the criteria they may have, you may very well have found a long-term source of diapers for your infant.

Some food pantries give away important items like diapers to those who ask, despite their income or other qualifications.

You’ll be able to find food pantries in your area by doing an online search in your favorite web browser.

While you’re in the process of asking about diapers, also make a point of asking if they have other baby items.

You may be able to discover that they have other necessary items, such as baby formula, wipes, clothes, and more.

9. Ask at Churches, Women’s Shelters, and Pregnancy Centers

When it comes to caring for the community, there are a lot of community-based organizations that have parent’s backs.

One perfect example is local churches.

With a duty to serve the greater good of the community, churches are an excellent place to look into community drives.

These drives may result in discovering that there are free diapers available to be given away to those in need.

Usually you won’t need to prove what your income is or if you’re in hardship.

Community leaders understand that caring for a child is expensive.

Being able to help those in need is a part of their work.

Women’s shelters can also have a stockpile of baby items on hand for those in need.

If you’re in search of free diapers and are having financial or housing issues, these places may be very helpful.

The can help in supplying baby items such as diapers.

You may also be able to get free diapers from local life care centers around your town.

These centers are put in place to help parents care for their children.

Having access to them can sometimes be simpler than other avenues.

They will very likely have diapers available for those who ask for them.

If you believe they can help you, do not hesitate to seek them out and ask.

You’ll be able to search for these facilities and other organizations that are looking to help families in need online.

When you’re inquiring about diapers at a church, women’s shelter, or other organization, make a point about asking for other baby items.

You may discover that they have a good grouping of different products you may find useful.

They may have samples of formula, wipes, clothes, and more to share with you.

10. Check with Your County Social Services Office

Reaching out to local social services programs to see if they have baby supplies can be a great money saving move.

If you’re looking for free diapers, they usually have plenty on hand.

You can also expect to be able to ask them about different ways to get your hands on free baby items, including diapers.

You can call your local social services office and ask about the different products they may have.

They are available for parents in need of free diapers and other baby items.

If your need for free diapers is based in financial crisis, they can help you.

These social services offices can help you locate stable means to get access to the items you need.

There is no shame in asking for help from social services offices.

They are there to help families be properly cared for.

They may be able to provide you with free diapers and many more resources to help you meet your children’s needs.

Final thoughts

You may be a first-time parent or welcoming another child into your family.

You may simply be considering having an infant.

No matter your place in your life journey, getting ready for a baby means knowing everything you can.

Early on, you’ll learn that having diapers is crucial.

Finding ways to get your hands on free diapers may not always be particularly easy.

There are different methods to try and help you facilitate this.

With the help of friends and family, you can easily develop a stockpile of diapers using a registry.

Registries can help lift the weight of financial burdens dealing with meeting the needs of your young child.

This is done by dispersing the expenses amongst your loved ones.

Diapers are a necessity for infants and young children.

Being able to maximize your options for free diapers can be critically important.

Asking for help from your doctor or local community is also a viable option.

Your doctor or they hospital where your baby is born will definitely have diaper samples to give away.

Feel free to ask when you bring your baby in for their checkup.

You can also ask before you leave the hospital after your baby has been delivered.

There are plenty of rewards programs you can join to help you lower the cost of your diapers over time.

You can also always make a little extra cash taking surveys!

No matter what method you use, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on free diapers.

Justin Stewart

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