The Codecademy affords 100,000 unemployed folks free coding programs

You can qualify for free programming training if you are one of the 40 million recently laid-off or vacation workers – or the owner of one of the thousands of companies that have had to close.

Online education company Codecademy offers 100,000 free pro-level memberships for those currently unemployed due to the economic impact of the corona virus. The free memberships last three months.

"As the latest unemployment figures show, we are facing what may be the biggest economic disruption in our lives," said CEO Zach Sims in a press release. "All of us – especially those whose livelihoods are disrupted – should consider how we can continue to adapt our skills to an uncertain economy."

Many people turn to programming, a skill that is often described as future-proof.

To Apply for a free Codecademy Pro membershipyou must meet one of the three basic criteria:

You are unemployed because you were fired because of the corona virus.
You suffer from the corona virus.
You had to close your company due to the corona virus.

There are 500 characters available in the application to explain your employment situation and 1,000 characters to explain how a Codecademy Pro membership can help you.

Applications are checked continuously. If you have been approved, the company can request direct evidence of your employment situation.

The Codecademy offers several programs available entirely online. Basic memberships are free and include a number of courses for individual programming languages including C ++, CSS, HTML, Java, Python, SQL and Ruby, including interactive coding projects.

Pro-level memberships – typically $ 40 per month – include all of the languages ​​listed above, plus advanced courses, additional projects, expert support, and access to communities of other pro members.

"Paths", which are detailed programs covering specific topics such as web development, design, programming and data science, are only available to professional members. Every program and every class comes with a certificate of completion, a further advantage only for professionals.

In our guide to Programming vs. encodingFaculty member Arshad Wala of the General Assembly, a popular coding boot camp, said that the “hacker mentality” is still accepted in the industry. Employers are ready to overlook traditional training and experience. They are mainly concerned with your ability to hurl code.

However, according to employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, long-term career prospects for programmers are poor. Wala warned that encoders will eventually face a situation similar to that of typists in the past decades. Most people will understand how to write basic code in the near future, and coding as a job will be out of date.

Programmers who understand multiple languages ​​and have a broader understanding of software and app development will shine.

Thanks to the Codecademy's new initiative, the tools and in-depth knowledge required to stay in the long term are available – and free of charge for now.

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