10+ finest part-time jobs for nurses to earn extra cash (up to date 2020)

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Looking for part-time jobs for nurses?

One can think that nursing is a great occupation with high wages and hours.

And it is!

Let's take a quick look at the average salary and education requirements for different types of nurses in the United States:

Certified nurse – $ 56,000 to $ 100,000 a year, requires a bachelor’s degree as a nurse practitioner – $ 99,000 to $ 116,000 a year, requires a master school nurse – $ 39,000 to $ 63,000 annually, requires an associate's degree OR a nurse – $ 68,000 to $ 84,000 a yearrequires completion of a nursing program

These are great salaries, but the hours worked are actually shorter than you might think:

RNs work an average of 4 to 12 hours a day. The longer the shift, the fewer working days, 5 days in 8-hour shifts, 4 days in 10-hour shifts or 3 days in 12-hour shifts. Nurse practitioners work in shifts similar to an RN and can also be available for 24-hour shifts. School nurses usually work 7-hour days and their working days coincide with school holidays and they have summer off. OR nurses work in shifts similar to the other nurses, or may only work part-time.

Nurses could try to fill the gap.

Not only does increasing your income provide more security and a more stable financial foundation, it can also help you achieve your financial goals faster.

So if you're a nurse who has limited hours or has a school nurse in the summer, here's a great list of over ten part-time jobs that can help you make extra money.

10 best part-time jobs for nurses to earn extra money

1. Telemedicine nurse

A telemedicine nurse usually works in a call center, but many companies offer work from home.

For example, this could be a triage nurse.

Triage nurses speak to sick patients over the phone or webcam for important information about the patient's symptoms, needs, allergies, etc.

They help determine the patient's need so that he can receive medical help.

The average salary of a telemedicine nurse is around $ 28 an hour.

According to the American Hospital Association, 76 percent from hospitals in the US connect to telemedicine services.

A telemedicine nurse primarily works over the phone (or video service) and evaluates the patient's symptoms and provides appropriate medical advice on how to treat these symptoms.

The telemedicine nurse also follows procedures and protocols, documents her calls as needed, and typically reports to a manager or the head of a unit or department.

Some available telehealth jobs include:

US Department of Veteran Affairs – part-time nurse for telemedicine $ 29 to $ 54 an hour. Carenet Healthcare – Part-time RN Nursing Advisor $ 19 to $ 31 an hour. Amerisource – part-time educator for telemedicine $ 37 an hour. Oculus Health – patient advocate $ 18 an hour.

Some of these jobs require a schedule, but if your regular nursing job already has a schedule, this shouldn't be a problem.

This is by far one of the most popular part-time jobs for nurses.

2. Medical transcription

In medical transcription, someone copies a transcript of an audio recording of the medical staff.

A medical transcriptionist's job is usually to listen to the recorded dictation of a doctor or other health care professional, interpret the dictation and transfer it to patient records, keep reports, and prepare various medical documents and letters.

The average salary of a medical transcriptionist is $ 15 an hour, with the more advanced and experienced earning around $ 25 to $ 30 an hour.

Training as a medical transcriptionist only takes about six to nine months.

Some companies hiring remote medical transcriptionists are:

Since you already have a background in nursing and are familiar with medical terminology, this task would be much easier than that of a layperson.

3. Medical coding

Medical coding is similar to medical transcription, but instead of transcribing text, you render it into code.

A medical encoder decrypts the various diagnoses, procedures, medical services and healthcare devices into a specific medical alphanumeric code and enters them into a computer program.

The diagnoses and procedure codes are taken from medical records, transcriptions, laboratory and radiological results, etc.

A medical encoder can make anything from anywhere $ 15 to $ 30 an hour.

This will quickly become a high-demand job, so the salary will continue to rise slowly.

Many online certificate programs can be completed in less than a year to become a medical encoder.

Medical coding is a great work from home and you can apply to the following companies:

Again, a nursing background helps with the medical terminology and codes used in this area.

This is a great appearance for those who are looking for serious extra money.

4. Online surveys for quick cash

Do you want to make money online?

Surveys are one of our most recommended part-time jobs for nurses.

While online surveys don't make you rich in any way, they do a great job from home that makes you quick money.

Not only that, they can also be great during your breaks or while waiting in line.

Expect to earn between $ 10 and $ 15 an hour.

When it comes to paid survey sites and survey apps, the most important thing to find out is that you are actually having fun.

That way, it doesn't really feel like extra work.

Here are some of our favorites that we personally recommend:

This is one of the easier side tasks for nurses.

We recommend trying each survey page to find the one that works best for you.

For a complete list, go to the best survey sites, where you can earn at least $ 300 a month.

5. Phlebotomy work

Phlebotomy involves drawing blood from a patient for testing, transfusion, donation, or research.

A phlebotomist works in a laboratory or clinic and simply takes blood, checks patient data, prepares blood samples for laboratory tests, and performs screening procedures.

A phlebotomist can earn $ 15 an hour or more.

Since you're already a nurse, you only need to shade a phlebotomist for a day to learn the routine for qualifying for the job.

Otherwise, it is a 4 to 8 month training program.

This is not a remote position. You must therefore look at your hospital, independent medical laboratories and clinics.

Some popular medical laboratories that hire phlebotomists are:

Many phlebotomist jobs are part time jobs and there is no shortage of jobs as laboratory work is always in demand.

6. First aid or CPR instructor

A first aid or CPR instructor teaches others how to use medical first aid and / or breathing techniques until the right medical personnel are on site.

A first aid and CPR instructor can take care of it $ 25 an hour.

As a nurse, you already have knowledge of medical care and CPR and only need a teaching certificate to work as an instructor.

The American Red Cross offers an LTP (Licensed Training Provider) certificate and usually only lasts 2 days $ 200.

Once you become a first aid or CPR instructor, you can start teaching:

Company employees Community courses Social and community groups volunteer for events

Your working hours depend on where you work. You can find some part-time jobs at:

Some working hours for job offers are very rare. In the case of a job advertisement, the trainer only works one day a week.

7. Personal Care Aide

A personal advisor helps customers with self-care and with everyday tasks that they cannot do themselves.

A PCA helps older, sick or disabled people with various tasks such as hygiene, mobility, housekeeping, cooking, taking medication, running errands or other tasks with which the customer has difficulties.

A personal supervisor makes money $ 10 an hour.

If you work in the nursing area, you already fulfill many of these tasks.

The only difference is that you work at the customer's home.

Many jobs do not require formal training to work as a PCA.

However, if you work for a federally funded agency or for Medicare, you need a Personal Care Assistant license.

As a nurse, all you have to do is assess your skills and show that you have worked at least 75 hours on site.

As the population ages, the demand for personal care aids increases. Here are some examples of jobs and their salary:

These are part-time jobs and you can probably find a customer that fits into your care plan.

8. Camp Nurse

A camp nurse works in various day camps, residential camps and other events that differ in length of stay.

The camp nurse ensures that campers of all ages are good enough to attend camp events and provides medical help for injuries or illnesses during camp time.

The salary of a camp nurse depends on the size and duration of the camp, but is average $ 28 an hour.

As long as your nursing license is active and you have clinical experience, you can easily apply for camp nursing jobs.

Most camp maintenance jobs last between 1 and 7 weeks and are either daytime only or require you to stay on site.

In some camps you can even bring your own children. So you can apply for camps that your children are interested in.

Some examples of camp nurse jobs are:

This would be a great job for a school nurse to make money in the summer when the school is closed.

9. Vaccination nurse

The vaccination nurse is a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who issues shots of vaccination in a seasonal flu clinic, hospital and other health care facilities.

Vaccine nurses give flu shots, vaccinations, and other necessary vaccinations for work, school, and health problems.

A vaccinating nurse is rough $ 20 an hour.

You must be a licensed nurse to work as a vaccine nurse. So you are already qualified for this job.

Many vaccine nurses only work part-time and others only work seasonally during the flu season.

Many jobs are available in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and even private companies that send nurses to all construction sites.

Some companies and salary samples include:

OccuVax – $ 26 an hour Maxim Healthcare Services – $ 19 an hour State Health Department – $ 2,900 – 3,700 per month District Health Office – $ 19 an hour

Vaccination jobs are mostly seasonal and work lasts from September to December.

10. Health blogger or freelance writer

If you prefer to find a part-time job that works from home, or prefer a quieter and less "human-like" job, try starting a care blog as a part-time job.

A health blogger either posts blog posts on his own website or contributes to a variety of health problems and niches.

A health blogger's salary varies so much depending on how he works, but the average paid health blogger earns roughly $ 25 an hour.

How to start your own health blog

Starting your own health blog will take some time and will not do much in the beginning, but can be worthwhile in the long run personally.

Use affiliate links to make extra money, even if it's just a little bit more money.

Also write educational articles to educate the public about health issues that may not otherwise be known.

Not sure where to start?

Getting started

There are many blogging courses, but we recommend starting with our free 5-day blog crash course for making money.

We teach you the following:

Set Up a Blog Write the Perfect Blog Post Increase Traffic Using Social Media and Google Keyword Research. Earn money through affiliate links

As a blogger with your own blog, you have a lot of freedom and flexibility to set your own schedule, write the content you want, hire a team, and monetize your blog to your liking.

How to make money blogging

The 5 main ways to make money blogging are:

Advertising Affiliate Marketing Sponsorships Products Services

As an expert, as a nurse, you have the potential to earn far more than other health bloggers who are not certified.

Potential sponsors are not only hired as an author or blogger for publications as a nurse, but are also an expert in healthcare, which means more lucrative rates and campaigns compared to non-experts.

Otherwise, here are some examples of health blogging jobs:

Healthline – $ 125- $ 145 per item Living life – $ 100-300 per item The health journal – 8 ¢ to 15 ¢ per word NuPathe – $ 40 per item

A freelance appearance as an author can be a welcome break from your hectic nursing career and can be done at any time.

This is probably the most popular busy side job on this list and can be a great way to make money online.

11. Nursing tutor

A nursing tutor helps new nursing students with their class assignments and answers any questions they may have.

A nursing tutor can either work online for a school's tutoring department.

A tutor can make an average $ 30 an hour, depending on how you want to work.

If you want to work independently, you can easily set your own hours and prices to fit your work schedule and lifestyle.

Otherwise, there are a few online jobs available for tutoring:

Brainfuse – $ 15 an hour Wyzant – $$ 24-30 an hour Adult education centers – $ 15 – $ 25 an hour Pearson – $ 18- $ 23 an hour

As an online tutor, you can share your nursing experience and give those who enter the field a good start.

This is probably the easiest way to earn extra money from home and in person as a nurse, as you teach a subject that you have extensive knowledge of.

12. Expert

Have you ever seen these law shows where an expert on the stand can testify based on his knowledge and expertise?

Nurses can do it!

As an expert, you as a nurse will be asked to provide your specialist knowledge.

You can provide insights into the field of medicine and your area of ​​expertise.

How to start

Use the Seak company to help you establish yourself as an expert.

This resource has it all.

They offer expert training, help you connect with expert opportunities, and more.

What are the qualifications?

You should be a nurse.

Here are some other qualifications that may be required:

BSN degree or higher Certification in a specialty (if necessary) 5+ years of experience in the care sector Strong communication skills Critical thinking and / or organizational skills

How much can you earn as an expert?

Expect your appraisal fee to start at around $ 555.

13. Etsy Store

This may not be what you thought when you started doing part-time jobs for nurses.

Let me explain.

Etsy is a handcrafted marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to do business.

They offer handcrafted products from sellers who manufacture everything from homemade brownies, t-shirts, stickers, website themes, jewelry, scarves, baby clothes, blankets and more!

They can easily get lost on Etsy.

And as a nurse, you can sell other nurses to your community!

What could be nicer than becoming an Etsy seller?

It's super easy, affordable to get started, and I'll share some ideas about what you can sell too!

How to start

Go to Etsy and sign up as a seller.

Set up your profile and business details, including your business banner, biography, etc.

Then add products.

Write keyword-rich product descriptions, add countless images, publish a price, and then publish your listing.

What can you sell

You can sell almost anything.

What better idea is there for nurses than care products?

This can include:

Badge holder Badge clips Badges for desks T-shirts, jackets and other items of clothing for nurses Nursing socks for nurses Nursing socks Car decals And more!

Brief facts about Etsy

No additional monthly fees Automatic deposits Seller protection Secure transactions. $ 20 listing fee + small commission for the sale (5% transaction fee, 3% + $ 0.25 payment processing fee) Manage your business anywhere (online or conveniently via the Etsy app) Shipping ( buy Etsy's discounted shipping) Reach millions of buyers Increase your visibility with Etsy ads Increase your fan base And more!

Frequently asked questions about Etsy

These are some common questions for sale on Etsy.

How do I get paid?

Etsy payments accept customer payments from:

Credit and debit cards PayPal Google Wallet Apple Pay and Etsy gift cards

The money will be transferred to your bank account by direct payment.

What is Etsy seller protection?

This program offers sellers seamless sales and security in the event of a dispute.

They offer a simple dispute settlement process that can be carried out in the event of a dispute.

How do fees work?

A flat fee of $ 0.20 is charged for each item listed on Etsy.

Then there is a commission + processing fee that is added when an item is sold.

If there is no sale, only the flat fee applies.

The commission is 3% and the processing fee is $ 0.25.

Go to Etsy to get started and learn more.

Find the right hustle and bustle for you

We hope you enjoyed this list of more than 10 flexible part-time jobs for nurses.

Working as a nurse can be a rewarding career, but it can also be stressful and time-consuming.

Sometimes a part-time job not only brings us a little more money, but also a nice mental and physical break from the “normal” job.

If you are looking for a part-time job that does not require you to work as a nurse, the following part-time jobs may be of interest:

A nursing career is a highly regarded area with a good salary, but the nature of the job can be overwhelming with long hours and stressful situations.

Sometimes it is a big compromise for your mental and physical health to just shorten your working hours and supplement your income with a similar but less stressful job.

If you have flexible nursing part-time jobs that you'd like to add to this list, let us know in the comments below.

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